Africa Express Presents: Maison Des Jeunes - Deluxe 2LP

Limited turquoise Double LP


Africa Express Presents: Maison Des Jeunes was recorded in Bamako, Mali over 7 days in October. Africa Express musicians and producers set up a temporary studio in a city youth club and worked with a new wave of contemporary Malian musicians to complete the album in one week. The club, situated on the banks of the Niger river and known locally as Maison Des Jeunes, became the venue for a week of discovery, collaboration, music-making and live performances.


01 Adama Koita "Fantainfalla Toyi Bolo" (Produced by Two Inch Punch)

02 Songhoy Blues "Soubour" (Produced by Nick Zinner & Remi Kabaka)

03 Ghostpoet feat. Doucoura "Season Change" (Produced by Two Inch Punch & Damon Albarn)

04 Bijou "Dougoudé Sarrafo" (Produced by Damon Albarn)

05 Lil Silva "Bouramsy" (Produced by Lil Silva)

06 Tal B Halala "Rapou Kanou" (Produced by Two Inch Punch)

07 Gambari ft. Kankou Kouyaté "Yamore" (Produced by Damon Albarn)

08 Yacouba Sissoko Band "Chanson Denko Tapestry" (Produced by Brian Eno)

09 Lobi Traoré Band "Deni Kelen Be Koko" (Produced by David Maclean)

10 Moussa Traoré "Farafina" (Produced by Damon Albarn)

11 Tiemoko Sogodogo "Latégué" (Produced by Brian Eno)

12 Kokanko Sata "Djoti Sayoro Son (Produced by Damon Albarn and Two Inch Punch)

13 Remi Kabaka fear. Baroma Sidibe "Milk" (Produced by Remi Kabaka and Batoma Sidibe)

14 Gambari and Olugbenga "Wade in the Water" (Produced by Olugbenga)

15 Tiemoko Sogodogo "Man Nyale Titebereye" (Produced by Brian Eno)

16 Another Power Cut